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Ключевые цитаты (не менее 5)

1. Isn’t it simply a powerful democratic prejudice to make freedom the basis of a theory of social justice?
2. Free society is a democratic society.
3. ”When I can do what I want, that is my freedom. [..] My freedom consists in walking when I want to walk and I have no gout”.
4. Everything possible even what they would not reasonably think about doing –, every possibility equally accessible to all, and this in a counterfactual way.
5. Freedom, as a just society, cannot be defined by what we might want them to be, but by what we want them to be.
Источники данных Philippe Van Parijs’s concept of "real freedom".
Методы проведения исследования Оценка концепции «Real freedom» (Истинная свобода)
Цитируемые / упоминаемые значимые персоны Van Parijs, Ronald Dworkin, Emile Durkheim, John Rawls, Richard Rorty, Hilary Putnam, John Rawls.
Наиболее значимые позиции из списка литературы (3-4) 1. VOLTAIRE (1961). ”Le philosophe ignorant” in Mélanges. Paris: Gallimard, coll. ”Biblio- thèque de La Pléiade”, pp. 877-930. 2. RAWLS, John (1972). A Theory of Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 3. DOYAL, Len and Ian GOUGH (1991). A Theory of Human Need. London: MacMillan.



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